Funding Bald Spot Studios

Hello and welcome to Bald Spot Studios. My name is Behzad Afshar, founder and owner. I started Bald Spot Studios based on three graphic novel concepts that I’ve been working on for many years: Arabian Graffiti, Sidekick and Mirror Image.

Mirror Image is the first concept I came up with. It’s based on a dream I had shortly after ending my career in the US Navy. Imagine, identical twins separated at birth. One ends up in foster care and the other is adopted by a wealthy family. The child in foster care grows up to be an honest drug dealer in North Minneapolis and the other becomes a crooked detective in New Orleans. What happens when their worlds collide?

The second concept I came up with is Arabian Graffiti which is based on a young Saudi man who is forced to flee his country. He eventually finds his way to Minneapolis in search of David Navin, his former university English teacher only to find that David had taken his life. Our young Saudi finds refuge with David’s mother and is forced to confront David’s final words, “The world was made for man to live out his dreams; men were created to destroy the dreams of other men.” Will our protagonist overcome or fall victim to David’s cynicism?

The third concept is Sidekick which fits into the futuristic sci-fi genre. Imagine a world in which the banks have taken over the role of governments and each citizen of the banks is assigned an AI cyborg. These cyborgs maintain their human’s socio-economic status under the guise of making life easier. Our protagonist, who is a female working in the black ops sector of her bank uncovers the true purpose of the cyborgs. How will she choose to confront this new information? Can she open the eyes of her loving husband or will she have to search for freedom elsewhere, in another dimension perhaps?

These three concepts, my hard work ethic, and my wide range of life experiences are the pillars which Blad Spot Studios sits upon.

What was my dream is now my reality. The path to where I am was a difficult one though. Chronic neck, shoulder, back and hip pain had consumed my life for the last 8 years with no cure offered until a year and a half ago when I decided to have my teeth straightened. While teaching in Sur, Oman, I ordered ClearPath, which is just like Invisilign, in order to straighten my teeth. It turned out that the trays had a twofold purpose, not only did they align my teeth, but they also prevented me from grinding my teeth during sleep. The pain slowly went away and I’m now almost completely pain free.

The process took a financial toll though. The set of trays cost $2000. When I came back to the US a year ago I was also faced with $4500 in car repairs. I was able to find seasonal work upon my return but after the boating season ended jobs were hard to come by so I went on unemployment for the first time in my life. I was able to find a job after a month on unemployment but the pain that still existed in my neck and back prevented me from going to work or completing a full day of work.

These financial hits made me rely on my credit card far more than I ever had. I’m now able to go to work 40 hours a week with a smile on my face. I’m attending seminars through the Minnesota Small Business Center. I set up a facebook page and a website,, which I encourage everyone to visit, like and share.

The ghosts of my financial past are knocking on my door and that’s why I decided to turn to crowd source funding. Every person who donates any amount of money to my GoFundMe site will receive a digital copy of a graphic novel of your choosing. Your digital copy will have an added thank you letter which won’t appear in any other copy.

If you don’t have money to spare don’t worry. Spreading the word of my venture is just as helpful. I’m also searching for local talent to join Bald Spot Studios. We need talented and motivated artists and screenplays working in the graphic novel genre. I’m keeping the company local to people from the Minnesota and Wisconsin area. In sum, I’m looking for funding, cheerleading and talent farming. You can find my contact information on Bald Spot Studios’ facebook page so feel free to give me a call or send me an email. Although I’m very busy with my day job and developing the concepts I promise to respond to every inquiry.

Thank you for viewing my video and learning more about Bald Spot Studios; where in the clearing anything is possible. As you can see I’m not completely clear yet, but with your help we can do it.


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