Minnesota Mice

minnesota mice



i've always enjoyed
sitting on a rooftop
balancing on the pointed pitch
i could hide in plain site

i remember placing the ladder so
scampering up the shingles
my feet grounding and grinding
reverse vertigo, fear of flying

pebbled imprints on my hands
reaching out to the blackberries
dangling delightfully; glistening gleefully
refracting heavens light; bringing joy

i've always enjoyed 
sitting on a rooftop
imagining my bloodied body
cooling calmly three stories beneath me

a broken neck bent like a crane's
a shattered skull; deleted hard drive
eyelids no longer shuttering
no longer longing

i know better than that
that fall couldn't possibly kill me
i've always enjoyed 
standing on a rooftop

New Nigger


there's a new nigger in town 
so you all stand back
you black folk need not worry 
you ain't the only ones being attacked

after your motherland was compromised 
your labor was used to colonize
the native american genocide
the yellow man used to compartmentalize 
the western frontier with railroad ties

but then the white man started to realize
there are other niggers to monetize 
and black gold started to color their eyes
now it's my mother's land they demonize
oh white brother can't you hear our cries
or would you rather us just ask would you like that with fries?

but go ahead and spread those lies
about how virtuous it is to gentrify
all of us into a suburban sprawled malled soup homogenized

then you ask me why i have rage inside
as if you played no role in my suicide
you told me i had an ugly guise
over and over with every sunset and sunrise

now each day i wake-up to my surprise 
finding that i have internalized 
your white-hooded regicide 
all your democratic wealth is based on liberticide
dance sand-nigger dance i remember you'd chide
let me tell you something mound white tonka i wont compromise
i'm going to take what was taken from me cuz pride's my prize

there's a new nigger in town 
oh white boy when will you look back
and see that you have chained me to your Procrustean Rack


Hiatus Update

Hello everyone. Just checking in with the blogosphere and giving an update on the happenings with bss. I’m getting much better but still unable to draw or write much. I’m back to work which is good but there is a long way to go. In the mean time I’m going to work on two new poems with the working titles New Nigger and Anonymous. They are hard hitting and will challenge the way we look at society. I hope you are all doing well and I’m glad that my flare for poetry is coming back.