Hey all you comic and graphic novel fans! Thank you for visiting BaldSpotStudios and opening up the donations page. Creating the comics on this page is a real pleasure. I have so much fun creating these comics and it makes me very happy to see others get enjoyment from my art.

If you enjoy the comics then I encourage you to make a donation by clicking here. Any amount is greatly appreciated. All of the donations will go towards operating costs such as Internet, art supplies, domain fees, Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and other odds and ends. In all, I pay around $200 US a month to create the comics.

I’m currently making a touch over minimum wage, thus budgeting my personal life (rent, food, gas, insurance, utilities, etc.) is difficult enough without trying to get my website off the ground. I use public Internet at the library and I had to drop my Creative Cloud subscription in order to stay in the black. I would love to give you all the best quality art work and your donations will go a long way in doing so.


Behzad Afshar-Naseri